Put Our Equipment Financing Program To Work for You

Whether you own a small accounting firm or a large construction business, chances are you need equipment to perform your daily operations. What many businesses owners discover is that purchasing equipment can put a large strain on their budget. If you are in this position, and you’re struggling to come up with the money you need to acquire one or more pieces of equipment, Accelerate MD can help. We offer many different loan products, including equipment financing, to help businesses like yours continue operating without draining their bank accounts.

What You Should Know About Our Program

There are many loan products out there, so why should you choose an equipment financing loan? There are many reasons, including exceptional interest rates and great terms. We have several different equipment leasing and financing programs from which you can choose, including:

  • Sale and Lease Back: This is a great program if you have recently purchased expensive equipment and are now experiencing buyer’s remorse. We’ll buy the equipment from you, then turn around and lease it to you in return for monthly payments. When the lease period is up, we’ll hand ownership of the equipment back to you.
  • Government and Municipal Programs: Our government and municipal financing programs guarantee funds to municipal, state and federal government agencies. We frequently extend this type of funding to fire houses, libraries, police departments and more.
  • Second Chance Program: There’s no question changes in the economy can affect businesses. If an economic downturn has led to a decrease in your credit score, ask us about our second chance program. Businesses with B, C or even D credit may still qualify.
  • Startup Programs: Are you wondering how to find enough working capital to take care of your startup’s equipment needs? Ask us about our startup loan program.

When you take advantage of equipment financing, you free up your money to put toward your most pressing business needs. You also gain tax and accounting advantages. To get started, call us today and we’ll set up a consultation.