Many Americans are currently looking at a surplus in their accounts. Tax returns are being issued. Stimulus checks are rolling out. It’s tempting to splurge a little on yourself and the house, satisfying some personal desires. But, what about putting some of that cash into long-term investments? The right capital placement now could pay off in dividends for the future. The market is flush, after all, with prime opportunities. Whether it’s commercial real estate or a side gig, Americans have the chance to increase finances. Here are three ways to transform a little excess into a larger payment.

1. Look Into Certain Stocks

The market has up and down years. Right now, with shares low, it’s the perfect moment to back various establishments. Over the past year, homeowners have focused on improvements, devoting time and energy to houses, yards and personal growth; therefore, companies focusing on home improvement, health and energy creation are likely to come back strong, earning you some bucks. 

2. Consider Real Estate

Although most people have leaned on eCommerce for the past year, several brick-and-mortar fields have a strong demand. Many shoppers prefer to purchase clothes, household items and makeup in person, checking out the merchandise before spending money. With that said, commercial real estate focusing on restaurants and other retailers are likely to make a strong comeback.

The land is available, and numerous proprietors are looking to draw crowds, especially in areas with easy access and larger populations. Owning a building gives you the chance to control property, collecting rent to pay off the mortgage. 

3. Find a Side Business

Over the past year, consumers have learned to prioritize the little guy and the big box stores. Many customers continue to search online or ask for referrals to ensure they find what they want or assist more local companies. Now is the right time to dive into a personal side job. Increase supplemental income and dabble in what you love. 

Investigate how to get started. If it’s a service, begin to network with neighbors and friends. Create a social media presence as well. Commodities may also follow that same path, but it’s also helpful to set up an online store through one of several major, stable websites. Post images of your creations, and ask early buyers to post thorough reviews.

Society’s habits have shifted, but the economy is still going strong. Income placed in the right place could prove lucrative down the road. Now is the time to look into stocks, commercial real estate and personal ventures.