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Tips For Developing a Well-Rounded Online Presence For Your Business

Being a small business owner is a dream that many Americans have. Making this dream a reality can be extremely challenging. If you are recently started a business, then finding ways to inform the general public about what you offer... Read More

Fuel Reduction Tips for Trucking Companies

One of the biggest expenses every trucking company must account for is fuel. One study suggests that fuel accounts for approximately 30 percent of every fleet’s total operating costs. It’s in every truck company owner’s interest to reduce how much... Read More

Setting Up Your Own Medical Practice

You’ve done seven years of medical school and residency and you’re ready to start your medical practice. This is when it may occur to you that some business classes would have come in handy. Many general practitioners choose to join... Read More

Franchise for Success

Owning your own business is hard work and it isn’t always a guaranteed success. Sometimes a business is a passion project, selling a good or service that you’ve cared about for a long time. In that case, you may want... Read More

New Restaurant Trends

To look at the restaurant industry as a whole and decide it is successful or not is really an oversimplification of an increasingly complex industry. The rise of millennials has brought with it an increased focus on buying local which... Read More

Debt Financing or Equity Financing?

When you start a new business there are a lot of expenses to consider. From property and taxes to inventory and staff, you don’t want a shortage of cash to limit your business dreams. Two main ways of injecting cash... Read More

Business Equipment Financing 101

Sometimes owning a small business means making decisions you never expected. Small passion projects that begin with all handmade products can experience the kind of success that suddenly means the owners have to look at renting warehouse space, ordering machinery... Read More

Advantages of SBA Loans

SBA loans have numerous advantages for the small business owner who needs money for capital expenses or to make long-term improvements to his or her business. Examples include business owners who want to buy the building they currently lease, invest... Read More

A Finance Business Partner Is Sound Financial Strategy

Traditionally a finance business partner has been a role only in the public sector, working for government organizations, but for your midsize to large company, whether privately held or publicly traded, you might want to consider adding this role to... Read More

4 Ways to Generate Operating Capital

To fund the daily operations of your business, you need capital. That can sometimes be difficult to acquire, particularly for small businesses or those just starting out. Here are four ways to generate operating capital. 1. Bank Loans The most... Read More