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The Basics of Revolving Lines of Business Credit

Running a small business can be exciting, but it can come with many responsibilities as well. One of those responsibilities is often deciding how you will fund your business and manage cash flow. However, just because there can be many... Read More

Using a Hard Money Loan for Commercial Real Estate

It’s hard to find an investor in any niche who doesn’t understand how difficult traditional business loans can be to access if you haven’t built a long operating history or a well-cemented credit rating. At the same time, though, there... Read More

What is Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable financing, also called invoice financing, enables businesses to receive advance payments on their unsettled invoices. A business using this financing source can decide to either commit some or all its unpaid invoices to a funder that issues them... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Equipment Financing

You need equipment to run your business and sometimes the old models you currently have are no longer cost-effective. This means that you need the funds to buy or lease new ones. Finding the right equipment financing for your company... Read More

How the Construction Industry Can Use Alternative Lending

Operating a business in the construction industry comes with a number of unique problems and obstacles. In order for you to get your company ahead, it is crucial that you give yourself the chance to look into the details of... Read More

What Is the Approval Time for SBA Loans?

When your startup or small business needs a loan to open and grow, turning to SBA loan programs is a good idea. These programs allow you to be approved on a larger loan than you can qualify for on your... Read More